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1. When can regular subscription users join after the NFT holders' test period?**

- Regular subscription users will likely be able to join 1-2 weeks after the NFT holders' testing period. However, this timeline is subject to change.

2. How can I transfer my NFT within my MetaMask wallet to my EdgeAi sub-account?**

- To transfer your NFT within MetaMask, copy your sub-account wallet address, go to your primary account, and send the NFT to the sub-account. Ensure you have enough ETH in the sub-account for gas fees.

3. What do I do if I mistakenly sent an NFT to the wrong wallet within MetaMask?**

- If you mistakenly sent an NFT to the wrong wallet, reach out to technical support and provide the source and target wallet addresses for assistance.

4. What is the purpose of the Drawdown % in bot settings?**

- The Drawdown % represents the percentage of your total wallet assets that you are willing to risk in trades. For example, setting it at 50% means the bot can use 50% of your wallet assets for trades.

5. Where can I find my referral link for Edge bot?**

- Referral links will be provided 1-2 weeks after integrating back office into the bot. The current placeholder link will not work.

6. Can I use MetaMask's browser with Ed Bot?**

- Yes, MetaMask's browser is compatible with Ed Bot. Ensure you have the correct network (Ethereum) selected in MetaMask.

7. Is there a correlation between the user-controlled bot settings and the trades Ed decides to get into?**

- The default settings that come with the bot are not financial advice. Users have control over the bot settings, but these should not be considered direct recommendations for trades.

8. How do I participate in Zoom meetings and get login details?**

- Zoom meetings are for NFT holders, and login details are sent through email. If you encounter issues, contact support at [email protected].

9. How does the drawdown setting work in the wallet?**

- If drawdown is set to 50%, it will only access 50% of the wallet balance for trades. If trades are set to 100 per trade, you could be in up to 5 trades simultaneously.

10. How to login with MetaMask instead of Exodus or Phantom wallet?**

- Ensure you are using the MetaMask browser and follow instructions to log in on the website.

11. How to buy NFTs?**

- NFT sale is closed, and future collections with benefits will be available. Wait for public launch or check the secondary market.

12. Issues with MetaMask login on PC?**

- Clear cache, history, reboot computer, and ensure both MetaMask and EDGEAI are on the same browser.

13. How to get a new activation code for another account?**

- Send an email to [email protected] requesting the promo code.

14. How to connect MetaMask and access private keys?**

- In MetaMask, go to settings, then privacy & security, and scroll down to access private keys. Provide password and access private keys.

15. Why is the balance not registering despite having funds in MetaMask?**

- Ensure the wallet address in settings matches the MetaMask wallet. Trading volume reflects the amount traded.

16. How to change profile details?**

- Uplink info and username changes are currently not available. Await back office integration for such features.

17. Differences in USDT balance between EDGEAI and MetaMask?**

- USDT amount in EDGEAI reflects the value of ETH, not the actual USDT balance.

18. Can the bot trade even if the website is closed down?**

- As long as the bot is turned on, the bot will continue trading.

19. Why does the bot switch off when leaving the dashboard and returning?**

- It's normal behavior; the bot recognizes the connection when returning to the dashboard.

20. When do funds added to MetaMask appear on EDGEAI BOT?**

- It may take a few minutes for ETH to reflect in the wallet, and EDGEAI will recognize it once connected.

21. How does trailing stop work with a $100 trade, 50% stop loss, and trailing stop enabled, reaching a value of $500?**

- Trailing stop is dynamic and calculated based on the current value. In this scenario, if the trade goes to 5x ($500), the trailing stop would be 50% of the current value ($500), not the initial amount. So, the trailing stop would be at 4.5x ($450) because it moves in 50% increments set by the user, in this example.

22. Can I log off and leave the BOT on?**

- Yes, you can log off, and the bot will stay connected. Whether you close the computer or the browser, you'll remain connected.

23. Should I move my existing assets like Ethereum & USDT out of the dedicated wallet for Ed Bot?**

- For the best practice, it's recommended to have a wallet completely dedicated to Ed Bot with only ETH.

24. What is the difference between Trailing Stop Loss (TSL) and regular Stop Loss (SL)?**

- Trailing Stop Loss (TSL) locks in profit depending on users setting once it retraces to the TSL setting. In contrast, regular Stop Loss (SL) triggers a sale at a fixed percentage set by the user from their initial trade, this prevents the users from incurring further losses.

25. How does Trailing Stop Loss work in terms of percentage?**

- If your initial amount is $100 with a trailing SL of 50%, and it goes 5x to $500, the SL becomes $250. If the trade goes back down, it stops at $250, locking in profits.

26. Does the bot sell only when it dips to a certain percentage?**

- Yes, the bot sells when the Trailing Stop Loss percentage is reached. For example, if set at 50%, it sells when the trade loses 50% of its peak value.

27. Can the bot handle different peak values during a trade?**

- Yes, it adjusts the Trailing Stop Loss dynamically based on the peak value of each trade.

28. What if my trade peaks at $1000 and I have a 50% TSL?**

- If it peaks at $1000, it will sell only if it dips to $500 with a 50% TSL. If set to 10X, it sells at $1000.

29. How can I resolve issues with 2FA on iPhone?**

- Some users reported issues with 2FA on iPhone. Check your settings, and if the problem persists, reach out to support.

30. What's the process of importing Trust Wallet into MetaMask?**

- Follow the instructions provided in this link for importing Trust Wallet into MetaMask.

31. How does the bot decide who it will trade for in a group?**

- Trades are executed based on a queue system. The last person to miss a trade is at the front of the line for the next one.

32. Why haven't I received a trade yet?**

- The bot is set conservatively during the beta period. Trades will become more frequent as the testing progresses.

33. Is there a minimum ETH needed in the wallet to maximize results?**

- While there's no strict minimum, having enough to cover slippage & gas fees to ensure profitability is recommended. Trade accordingly based on your individual risk tolerance.

34. How can I activate 2FA if facing issues on iPhone?**

- Some users faced issues with 2FA on iPhone. Try using a laptop or contact support for assistance.

35. Why did my trade fail, and what does trading volume mean?**

- Failed trades might be due to gas fees or slippage. Trading volume represents the amount of trading you've done.

36. Can I adjust the gas fees for trades?**

- Yes, you can adjust gas fees, but failed trades may occur due to rising gas fees.

37. How can I overcome failed trades?**

- Consider adjusting gas fees or slippage settings, but remember, some factors like rising gas fees are beyond control.

38. What considerations should I have regarding gas fees when making crypto trades?**

- Gas fees can significantly impact your profits. It's essential to check the gas fees in USDT and consider the size of your trade. High gas fees relative to your trade amount may reduce your profits or even result in losses. Ensure your trade size aligns with the current gas fees.

39. Should I increase my trade amount to minimize the impact of gas fees?**

- It's not necessary to increase your trade amount. The size of your trade depends on your comfort level. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) shouldn't drive your decisions. Patience is key, and it's better to avoid unnecessary risks.

40. What slippage setting should I use?**

- The recommended slippage setting is around 10%. However, it's crucial to adapt to your specific situation. Experiment and find a balance that suits your trading style and risk tolerance.

41. How can I navigate high gas fees and ensure profitability?**

- Gas fees can vary, impacting your trades. While there's no one-size-fits-all solution, setting a reasonable slippage and trade size helps. Therefore the software will get you into trades according to your settings.

42. How did the recent trades perform, and what can we learn from them?**

- Some trades succeeded, while others faced issues like low slippage or a sudden rise in gas fees. It highlights the need for ongoing adjustments. The team is actively working on refining the system.

43. How can I reconnect my Ed Bot to my MetaMask wallet?**

- If you encounter issues, open another MetaMask account, and reach out to [email protected] for support. The team will guide you through the process.

44. Is there a recommended browser extension for real-time gas fee updates?**

- Gas fees are best monitored using browser extensions like "ETH Gas Station". It provides real-time gas fee updates, helping you make informed trading decisions.

45. Can I pause my subscription during a month when I won't be trading actively?**

- Yes, you can pause your subscription during inactive trading months. However, keep in mind that you won't receive refunds for paused periods.

46. Why isn't the bot trading even though it's turned on?**

- There could be several reasons, such as gas fees, slippage settings, or market conditions. Check your settings and ensure they align with current market dynamics.

47. Is there a way to automatically update gas fees on MetaMask?**

- MetaMask doesn't support automatic gas fee updates. You need to adjust gas fees manually based on current market conditions.

48. What is the recommended slippage setting for the bot?**

- The recommended slippage setting is typically between 5-10%. However, it's essential to monitor market conditions and adjust accordingly for optimal results.

49. Can I set specific parameters for each trade, such as a target profit percentage?**

- At the moment, the bot operates with predefined settings. However, the team is exploring options to introduce more customization features in future updates.

50. How does the bot handle sudden market fluctuations or news events?**

- The bot is designed to adapt to changing market conditions. It employs various risk management strategies to mitigate losses during unexpected events.

51. Is it possible to integrate other wallets besides MetaMask with the bot?**

- Currently, the bot is optimized for use with MetaMask. Integrating other wallets may be considered in future updates based on user feedback and demand.

52. What measures are in place to ensure the security of user funds and data?**

- The platform employs advanced security protocols and encryption techniques to safeguard user funds and data. Additionally, regular security audits are conducted to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities.

53. Can I receive notifications for trade executions and other bot activities?**

- Notifications for trade executions and other bot activities can be enabled within the platform settings. Users have the flexibility to choose their preferred notification channels, such as email or mobile push notifications.

54. How can I access historical trade data and performance metrics?**

- Historical trade data and performance metrics are available within the platform's dashboard. Users can analyze past trades, profitability, and other key metrics to gain insights and optimize their trading strategies.

55. Can I customize the bot's trading strategy based on my risk tolerance and investment goals?**

- Yes, the platform offers customizable trading parameters that allow users to adjust risk levels, target profits, and other key variables according to their preferences and investment objectives.

56. How does the bot handle different market conditions, such as bull and bear markets?**

- The bot employs adaptive trading strategies that are designed to perform well in various market conditions, including both bullish and bearish scenarios. By continuously monitoring market trends and adjusting its approach accordingly, the bot seeks to optimize performance and mitigate risk.

57. Can I use the bot on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges simultaneously?**

- Currently, the bot is compatible with select cryptocurrency exchanges, and users can configure it to trade on multiple platforms simultaneously. However, it's essential to ensure that each exchange account is properly linked and configured within the platform to avoid any potential issues or conflicts.